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Golden Leaf Awards Winners 2020

Golden Leaf Awards – 2020 Winners Announced! 

The Golden Leaf Awards were conducted again in 2020. It was a difficult year to hold the Golden Leaf 
Awards with the COVID-19 restrictions affecting awards timing and judging but we are pleased we 
persevered and managed it and we are pleased so many people supported the awards with entries. 

We will hold the awards in 2021 again and we hope that it will be an even bigger competition 
although we think in the current climate that receiving over 300 entries for 2020 was amazing! It was 
also pleasing to see the international entries and for this we are really proud. We are also so happy 
to see some people received multiple awards. 
Congratulations to all of our winning entrants: 

Bodhi Organic Tea
Brewed By Belinda
Buderim Brews
Cup & Sorcerer Tea Company
Formay Tea
High Tea 
with Harriet
Issei-T Pty Ltd
Rujani Tea
Tea & Grace
Tea Company Australia
Teakruthi, The Brew Story
The Tea Collective
Ya Han Chen, 
The Tea Nomad
The Chai Villain
Tumoi Tea Company & Boseong Tea Farmers.  
The Golden Leaf Awards will run again in 2021 with entries opening on the 16th of August. 


White Tea W001: Single Origin 
Gold Teakruthi Ceylon Ivory 
Silver Rujani Tea Bai Mu Dan Bliss 
White Tea W002: Natural Blend 
Gold Brewed by Belinda Standing Ovation 
Gold Tea and Grace Refreshing Rain 
Silver Ya Han Chen Precious White Jade 
Silver TeaVision Super Berry Cleanse 
White Tea W003: Flavoured Blend 
Gold TeaVision Organic Teapache 
Gold The Tea Collective Lychee White 
Green Tea GR001: Japan (Not Including Matcha) 
Gold Issei-T Pty Ltd Organic Uji-Gyokuro 
Silver TeaVision Japanese Sencha 
Green Tea GR004: Worldwide 
Silver Issei-T Pty Ltd Ohbukudani Sencha 
Green Tea GR005: Natural Blend 
Silver Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic ViridiTEA 
Bronze The Tea Nomad Byron Bay 
Bronze Tea and Grace Breeze Through the Window 
Bronze TeaVision Green Tea & Brown Rice 
Green Tea GR006: Flavoured Blend 
Gold Teakruthi Ahimsa Verda 
Silver TeaVision Organic Apple Mojito 

Matcha M001: Commercial Grade 
Gold Issei-T Pty Ltd Premium Culinary Matcha 
Matcha Tea M002: Ceremonial Grade 
Gold Issei-T Pty Ltd Ceremonial Matcha (signature series) 
Silver TeaVision Organic Ceremonial Matcha 
Matcha Tea M003: Matcha Blend 
Silver Issei-T Pty Ltd Matcha Genmaicha (Organic) 
Oolong Tea OG001: Light (up to 50% oxidisation) 
Gold Ya Han Chen Flavour Oolong 
Oolong Tea OG005: Natural Blend 
Gold MiTunChaYueLo Champagne Oolong 
Silver Brewed by Belinda You Are Gold 
Bronze Tea and Grace Midnight Indulgence 

Black Tea B001: Blended (non-flavoured) 
 Gold Buderim Brews SunnyCoast Breakfast 
Gold  Boseong Tea Farmers   Korean Breakfast 2020 
Black Tea B002: Flavoured (not Earl Grey) 
Gold High Tea with Harriet Birthday Tea 
Silver TeaVision Organic Cacao & Coconut 
Bronze The Tea Collective Mon Couer 
Black Tea B006: Earl Grey 
Gold Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic Black BeauTea 
Silver Teakruthi The Vanilla Earl 
Bronze    Formay Tea Earl Grey 

Black Tea B008: Ceylon 
Silver Teakruthi Scottish Legacy 

Black Tea B011: Single Origin 
Gold Teakruthi Afternoon Ritual 
Gold Rujani Tea Tippy Reserve 
Gold Rujani Tea Gold Buds 
Silver Rujani Tea Silver Moon 
Silver Tumoi Tea Nandi Gold 
Bronze  Formay Tea  Morning Ecstacy                                                                                           

Chai Tea C001: Traditional; Black Tea Base 
Gold Cup and Sorcerer Tea Company Hobgoblin Chai 
Gold Teavision - Chai Lords Vegan Chai 
Silver Bodhi Organic Tea Organic Masala Chai 
Bronze The Brew Story Kadak Chai Brew 
Chai Tea 002: Non-Traditional/Other Base 
Gold Brewed by Belinda Stage Kiss 
Bronze Tea and Grace Chai Blush 
Chai Tea C004: Chai Powder 
Gold TeaVision Activated Turmeric Chai Powder 
Bronze TeaVision Instant Chai Powder 

Herbal HB001: Loose Blend 
Gold Brewed by Belinda Drama Queen 
Silver Brewed by Belinda Opening Night Nerves 
Herbal HB003: Fruit Infusion 
Gold High Tea with Harriet Peach Blush 
Silver Brewed by Belinda Escape the Limelight 
9Bronze TeaVision Wild Berry 
Herbal HB004: Rooibos Blend 
Gold High Tea with Harriet Ravishing Red 
Silver Buderim Brews Rooi Delight 
Bronze Buderim Brews Relaxing Rooi 
Bronze Brewed by Belinda Creativitea 
Herbal HB005: Functional/Wellness Blend 
Gold The Brew Story Spiced Almond Latte 
Gold Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic PuriTEA 
Silver Tea and Grace Winter Tea 
Bronze Tea and Grace Spring Tea 

Iced Tea IT002: Freshly Made 
Gold Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic LongeviTEA 
Gold Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic SereniTEA 
Silver Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic ZesTEA 
Bronze Brewed by Belinda Escape the Limelight 
ER003: Best Tea Packaging 
Gold Tea Company Australia Pty Ltd Rong Tea 
Silver Brewed by Belinda - 
Bronze The Chai Villain - 
Other ER004: Best Tea Website 
Gold Bodhi Organic Tea   
Silver    The Tea Collective                   


Golden Leaf Awards Winners 2019



BLACK TEA: Blended - Non Flavoured (B001)

Gold Ruby Chai  Ruby Breakfast
Gold Boesong Jedda Korean Breakfast
Silver Adore Tea Platinum Black
Bronze Tielka Tielka Breakfast Black Tea


BLACK TEA: Flavoured - Not Earl Grey (B002)

Gold Lumbini Tea Valley Peach With Ceylon Black
Gold AR-T Chocolate Mint
Silver Ari & May Fine Tea Co. Amalfi Coast
Bronze Adore Tea Afternoon Bliss
Bronze Ruby Chai Persian Rose
Bronze Tea for Who Bush Poached Quince


BLACK TEA: Natural Blend (B003)

Gold AR-T Black Lemon
Silver Organic Merchant Australian Breakfast Tea
Bronze Organic Merchant Austraian Wattle Seed


BLACK TEA: Tea Bag Blend - Non-Flavoured (B004)

Silver Ruby Chai Ruby Breakfast
Bronze Tielka Tielka Breakfast Black Tea


BLACK TEA: Tea Bag Blend - Flavoured (B005)

Gold Tielka Earl Royale Black Tea


BLACK TEA: Earl Grey (B006)

Gold Lumbini Tea Valley Earl Grey With Ceylon Black
Silver Organic Merchant French Earl Grey Tea
Silver Ruby Chai Earl Grey Blue
Bronze AR-T Lavender Grey


BLACK TEA: Darjeeling (B007)

Gold Ari & May Fine Tea Co. Darjeeling First Flush Single Estate


BLACK TEA: Ceylon (B008)

Gold Lumbini Tea Valley Golden Breakfast


BLACK TEA: Australasia (B009)

Gold Arakai Estate 2018/19 Spring Flush Black


BLACK TEA: Best Australian Black Tea (B010)

Gold Arakai Estate 2018/19 Spring Flush Black


BLACK TEA: Single Origin (B011)

Gold Rujani Tea Pty Ltd Tippy Reserve
Silver Lumbini Tea Valley Singharaja Wirytips
Silver Chunbo Garden Formay Spring Flush
Bronze Rujani Tea Pty Ltd Gold


BLACK TEA: Origin - Hawaii (B012)

Gold PONO Tea & Herb Farm LLC (dba Maui Tea Farm) Haleakala Black Tea
Gold Volcano Winery Black Tea
Silver Volcano Tea Garden LLC Mauka Black
Bronze Tea Hawaii & Company Johnny's Garden Hakalau Black
Bronze Tea Hawaii & Company Volcano Village Black Tea
Bronze Cloudwater Tea LLC Wai Ki'ele'ele




CHAI TEA: Traditional; Black Tea Base (C001)

Gold Tea Culture Sticky Vegan Chai
Gold Chai Walli 11 Spice Chai
Silver Brewed by Belinda Chookas Chai
Silver Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic Masala Chai
Silver Ruby Chai Ruby Masala Chai
Silver Chai Collective Traditional Spice
Bronze Adore Tea Royal Chai
Bronze Ruby Chai Ruby Chai Reserve Blend
Bronze Ruby Chai Ruby Honey Chai
Bronze Tea for Who Traditional Chai


CHAI TEA: Non-Traditional; Other Base (C002)

Gold Organic Merchant Spicy Chai Tea
Silver Aussie Veterans Coffee Co Two Little Ladies Masala Chai
Silver Brewed by Belinda Stage Kiss
Bronze Aussie Veterans Coffee Co Two Little Ladies Green Jasmine Masala Chai
Bronze Tea and Grace Chai Blush


CHAI TEA: Tea Bag (C003)

Gold Tielka South Cloud Chai Black Tea
Silver Universal Village Trading Pty Ltd Bourbon Vanilla Chai
Bronze Aussie Veterans Coffee Co Two Little Ladies Original Chai




GREEN TEA: Single Origin Korea (GR002)

Gold CheonBo Tea Garden Organic Woojeon - 2019

GREEN TEA: Single Origin China (GR003)

Gold Cha Jia Tea Orchid Green - Green Tea
Silver Casa De Cha Masters Green


GREEN TEA: Worldwide (GR004)

Gold Arakai Estate 2018/19 Special Reserve Spring Flush Green


GREEN TEA: Natural Blend (GR005)

Gold Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic ViridiTEA
Silver Organic Merchant Moroccan Mint Green Tea


GREEN TEA: Flavoured Blend (GR006)

Gold TeaVivre Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea
Silver Lumbini Tea Valley Jasmine With Ceylon Leafy Green
Bronze Adore Tea Luscious Lychee


GREEN TEA: Tea Bags (Flavoured) (GR007)

Gold Tielka Rose Moscato Green Tea


GREEN TEA: Tea Bags (non-flavoured) (GR008)

Gold Tielka Jade Mist Green Tea


GREEN TEA: Best Australian Green Tea (GR009)

Gold Arakai Estate 2018/19 Spring Flush Green Tea
Bronze Dry Ideas Growers Reserve Green Tea




HERBAL: Loose Blend (HB001)

Gold AR-T Mint Fusion
Silver Organic Merchant Meditation Tea 
Silver Brewed By Belinda Opening Night Nerves
Bronze Tea For Who Mum's Hugs
Bronze Maitea Not Forgotten


HERBAL: Tea Bag Blend (HB002)

Gold Tielka Limonada Rosa Herbal Infusion
Silver Tielka Lemon Ginger Herbal Infusion


HERBAL: Fruit Infusion (HB003)

Gold Adore Tea Tea Trick
Silver Adore Tea Watermelon Mojito
Bronze Roogenic Native Strawberry Tea


HERBAL: Rooibos Blend (HB004)

Gold The Tea Nomad Sahara
Gold Adore Tea Jamala Rooibos
Silver Brewed by Belinda Creativitea
Bronze Organic Merchant Australian Outback Chai


HERBAL: Functional Blend (HB005)

Gold Tea and Grace Winter Blend
Gold Roogenic Native Relaxation Tea
Silver Teatreat Blends Serenity
Silver Organic Merchant Energy Tea
Silver Teapot Teas Chimney Sweep - Cleansing & Digestive Formula
Bronze The House of Life Jade Palace - Immune Defence
Bronze Anvil + Essence Protect Blend
Bronze Teassential BLEND - Dream




ICED TEA: Freshly Made (IT001)

Gold Teassential  Gin and Tea
Silver Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organic ZesTEA
Bronze Bodhi Organic Tea Bodhi Organix CognitiviTEA


ICED TEA: Cocktail (IT002)

Gold AR-T Lavender and Tonic
Silver AR-T Hibiscus Mojito Cocktail
Bronze AR-T Chocolate Mintea-ni Cocktail




MATCHA TEA: Commercial Grade (M001)

Gold Matcha Yu Tea Everyday Matcha
Silver Dry Ideas Natcha - Natural Pure Green Tea Powder


MATCHA TEA: Ceremonial Grade (M002)

Gold Matcha Yu Tea Premium Matcha
Silver Maitea Organic Matcha


MATCHA TEA: Blend (M003)

Gold Organic Merchant Super Dust



OOLONG TEA: Light (OG001)

Gold Cha Jia Tea

Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons Spring) Oolong Tea 

Gold Claire Chen Claire's Milky Oolong


OOLONG TEA: More than 50% Oxidisation (OG002)

Gold Vitas Imperial Beauty
Silver Casa De Cha Masters Aged Oolong


OOLONG TEA: Natural Blend (OG005)

Gold Thea Tea Shop High Mountain Oolong
Silver The Tea Nomad Maldives


OOLONG TEA: Flavoured Blend (OG006)

Gold Thea Tea Shop Gardenia Oolong
Gold Adore Tea Raspberry Sorbet




PUERH TEA: Sheng (PH001)

Gold Cha Jia Tea BA Wai Sheng Puerh




WHITE TEA: Single Origin (W001)

Gold Lumbini Tea Valley Premium White Leafy
Gold Bankit Wangi (Bukit Sari) Plantation Indonesian Silver Needle
Silver Cloud Nine Teas Silver Moon Yunnan White Tea


WHITE TEA: Natural Blend (W002)

Gold Brewed by Belinda Standing Ovation


WHITE TEA: Flavoured Blend (W003)

Gold Tea For Who White Poached Pear
Silver Lumbini Tea Valley Pomegranate With Ceylon White Leafy
Silver Adore Tea Violet in the Sun



Bronze Lumbini Tea Valley Pure Ceylon White Tea Buds from Camellia Sinensis
Bronze Maitea Royal Heaven





OTHER: Best Tea/Food Inspired Menu (ER001)

Gold Adore Tea


OTHER: Best Tea Packaging (ER003)

Gold Roogenic (Encompassing their whole range)
Silver Brewed by Belinda (Encompassing their whole range)
Bronze The Tea Nomad for Bali


OTHER: Best Tea Website (ER004)

Gold Lumbini Tea Valley
Gold Tielka
Silver Maitea
Silver Brewed by Belinda
Silver Bodhi Organic Tea


OTHER: Best Global Tea Initiative (ER006)

Gold Discover Nepal Tea


OTHER: Beauty and Wellness (Must Include Tea) (ER008)


Gold Prettea Dirtea for Green Tea Mint Scrub


Best Tea House (NSW) Including ACT (BTH002)


Gold Adore Tea House

Best Tea House (QLD) (BTH003)

Gold The Silva Spoon Tea House


Best Tea House (SA) (BTH006)

Gold Wildfire Organic Tea


Best Tea House (WA) (BTH007)

Gold Teassential