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Enter the Golden Leaf Awards - ENTRIES CLOSED


The Golden Leaf Awards is Australia’s premier tea awards event. This exciting competition offers you an incredible opportunity to get your unique and beautiful teas out into the Australasian marketplace, and recognised globally.

These awards focus on Australasia, however we also welcome participation from the global tea industry (however submitted teas must be commercially available within Australia). The Golden Leaf Awards winners will be announced at the Australian Tea Expo, 10 - 12 September.

Winning participants will receive a formal response by mail which confirms their score. Winners will also be provided with a print-ready seal to be used for all promotional materials and packaging.

Participants in the Golden Leaf Awards will also gain free entry into the Australian International Tea Expo 2018. Please note that this offer is limited to one free entry per company, regardless of the number of Golden Leaf Awards submissions made. A participant must simply state that they are a Golden Leaf entrant at the Expo gate, and then provide photo ID to confirm their identity.

If you would like to become a judge for the Golden Leaf Awards, please click here.

Entries for the Awards closes on the 31st of July. All Golden Leaf Awards materials for ALL categories must be submitted by the 6th of August 2018. This includes postage time. 


We are currently accepting nominations for the following categories:

  • Best Tea House (state and national)

  • ER006: Best Global Tea Initiative

  • ER007: Best Tea Publication

You can submit your nominations via this form.

Entry requirements:

  • A 50 gram sample of the tea(s) being entered and/or any other entry materials required by your category
  • The barcode entrants were emailed needs to be securely stuck onto the tea packaging.

Entries sent in an open pouch, or pouches that open easily and result in tea falling out of the packaging will be disqualified upon receipt. Any entry packaging that indicates the name of the company that the tea is from will also be disqualified.

Barcode information must match what is noted on all entry forms, i.e. tea name and type. Competition coordinators will not assume entrants meant to send a different sample.

View and download a copy of our Rules and Regulations here.

White Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for white teas. White teas are characterised by:

  • Delicate flavours and tastes
  • Very minute intentional oxidisation
  • A light colour both in the dry leaf and the cup.

Green Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for green teas. Green teas are characterised by:

  • A distinctively green appearance
  • No intentional oxidisation
  • A light taste.

Matcha Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for matcha teas. Matcha teas:

  • Are in the form of green tea powder
  • Often carry grassy notes and notes of seaweed.

Yellow Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for yellow teas. Yellow teas are characterised by:

  • A yellow tinge to the dry leaf
  • A very light amount of oxidisation
  • A taste similar to green tea, yet distinct.

Oolong Tea Awards - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for oolong teas. Oolong teas are characterised by:

  • A wide range of appearances that vary from green to very dark brown
  • Partial oxidisation - anywhere between 30 - 70% oxidised
  • A wide variety of deep flavours and tastes.

Black Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for black teas. Black teas are characterised by:

  • A distinctively black appearance
  • Full oxidisation
  • A full body.

Puerh Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for puerh teas. Puerh teas:

  • Come in the form of a compressed cake
  • Are fermented with varying levels of oxidisation.

Chai Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for chai teas. Chai teas are:

  • Spiced teas, containing ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, etc
  • Often consumed with milk.

Herbal Awards - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for herbal teas (tisanes). Herbal teas are characterised by:

  • No inclusion of the plant camellia sinensis (tea)
  • A variety of different herbs, spices, fruits, etc.

Iced Tea Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for iced teas. Iced teas:

  • Are served chilled
  • Can be made with a variety of different tea bases, including green, oolong, and black
  • Are made with a variety of different ingredients.

PLEASE NOTE: Iced Tea IT003: Cocktail WILL REQUIRE you to attend the Australian International Tea Expo to mix your creation on the day. More information will be sent to you via email closer to the Expo date.

Best Tea House Award - $65 AUD

This award category is specifically for tea houses. If you own a tea house, compete in your state category for the name Best Tea House. At the Australian Tea Expo, the Best Tea House in Australia will be crowned.

Other - $65 AUD

This category encompasses:

  • Best Tea/Food Inspired Menu
  • Best Tea Menu
  • Best Tea Packaging
  • Best Tea Website
  • Kombucha
  • ​Best Global Tea Initiative
  • Best Tea Publication