Dan Bolton: Tea in the Media - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Legendary tea writer Dan Bolton is visiting the Australian International Tea Expo to deliver this special class on tea in the media. Hear the words of this true tea expert and Founding Editor & Publisher of Tea Journey Magazine.

Growing Tea in Australia - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Learn all about what it's like to grow tea in Australia from Gordon Brown, seasoned tea producer in beautiful Tasmania. Gordon will cover everything from growing tea in the Australian environment to different methods of processing.

Those Girls Iced Tea Cocktails - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Learn the ins and outs of iced tea cocktails, a brand new market in the world of tea beverages designed to delight the senses. Prepare to be taken on a journey by Elena and Lauren of the Those Girls Beverage Co.

The Many Tastes of Chai - 2017

$35.00 AUD

It’s time to dive into the culture of Chai from India! Understand exactly what makes this concoction so outstandingly tasty that it is now on café menus all over the world. The Original Chai Co. will talk to you about the science of making Chai, teach you to blend your own Chai with them, and make the drink at home, too. 

(All teas and spices are included in the class.) Become a part of the Original Chai Co.’s Chai chemistry, and finish off the class with a demonstration on how to make a classic Masala Chai.

Tea Mastery with Tatiana Saturday - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Learn tea mastery from our incredible Russian special guest, Tatiana Li. Tatiana was the runner-up in the 2016 International Tea Masters Cup, held in South Korea, and will teach you to serve tea with excellence and charm.

Brainy Brew - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Learn to keep your brain working in tip-top condition with herbal tea blends designed to keep your focus and attention. Get ahead of the competition and feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

Teas of Sri Lanka - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Let Lumbini take you on an incredible tea journey through Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is world-renowned for its beautiful Ceylon black teas, and boasts many high altitude tea gardens and plantations.

Hands-On Tea Blending - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Learn from master tea blender Sharyn Johnston the ins and outs of creating terrific tea blends. This class is perfect for those wanting to create their own tea blends, or who would like to blend tea for others.

Tea and Food Pairing - 2017

$35.00 AUD

Refine your skills in the art of Tea and Food Pairing with pairing guru Cheryl Teo! Cheryl has been practicing tea and food pairing since 2015 with imbue., pairing events and dinners which aim to delight the senses

Puerh Tea Masterclass - 2017


Coco Zeng from Yunnan Village is here to teach you about the true tea specialty that is puerh. Sheng puerh tea is often aged in the same way as a fine wine, and along with shou puerh, undergoes an interesting fermentation process.


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